Patchwork Shirt Blouse



Elegant and classy for women of all ages who wants to make a statement with what they wear.

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Create a timeless look with the combination of these classic colors. Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion of adding a touch of elegance, this outfit will make you feel empowered.

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UK 10/US 8/EUR 38(Bust 35,Waist 27,Hip 39), UK12/US10/EUR40 (Bust 39,Waist 31,hip 43), UK14/US12/EUR42(Bust 43, Waist 35, Hip 47), UK16/US14/EUR44(Bust 47, Waist 39, Hip 50), UK16/US14/EUR46(Bust 47,Waist 39, Hip 51), UK18/US16/EUR46(Bust 53, Waist 43, Hip 58), UK20/US18/EUR48(Bust 56, Waist 47, Hip 63), UK8/US6/EUR36(Bust 31, Waist 26, Hip 35), M, L, XL


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